Belbin Individual Reports

Identifying our behavioural styles is the first step towards increasing self-understanding and building more effective working practices. Each individual needs to understand their key strengths and how to articulate how they prefer to work. This increases employee engagement, allows managers to allocate work more effectively and builds mutually beneficial working relationships with colleagues.

Download Sample Belbin Individual Report (without Observer Assessments)

This is generated once an individual has completed their on line questionnaire and contains a Belbin profile, guidance and advice based on how the individual sees him or herself.

Download Sample Belbin Full Individual Report (with Observer Assessments)

Once an individual has received Observer Assessments back from at least 4 Observers, their report is upgraded to a Full Individual Report that shows how others view them compared to how they view themselves.

To receive a Report, individuals must complete the Self-Perception Inventory. This is an online questionnaire which takes 15-20 minutes and produces an Individual Report. We encourage individuals to request Observer Assessments too, to ensure a well-rounded picture of their Team Role contribution, which takes others’ views into account. Observer Assessments are included free of charge with purchase of the Individual Report. Once at least 4 Observer Assessments have been added, a Full Individual Report is produced, comparing an individual’s perception of their own behaviour with the views of others in the team.

What will an Individual Report offer those in my team?

A Full Individual Report offers in-depth, personalised advice and guidance, designed to help individuals:

  • Identify and promote their behavioural strengths, increasing engagement and allowing the individual to work to their full potential
  • Acknowledge and develop strategies to minimise any weaknesses associated with their Team Role behaviours
  • Gain an understanding of how others interpret their behaviour, analysing any differences in perception and exploring potential reasons for these differences
  • Consider how they might best present themselves at interview or in selection processes
  • Reflect on their optimal working environment
  • Articulate their preferred working styles, so that managers and colleagues can delegate and collaborate more effectively

What does an Individual Report include?

  • Team Role Overview – showing a graph of the individual’s Team Roles from highest to lowest.
  • Analysis of your Team Role Composition* – gives an at-a-glance view of the Team Roles the individuals and Observers see, fostering discussion around clarity of contribution.
  • Comparing Self and Observer Perceptions* – compares the individual’s score with the combined Observer score for each Team Role, to illustrate areas of similarity or contrast between the two.
  • Your Team Role Preferences – shows the individual’s own view, broken into preferred, manageable and least preferred roles, so they can decide which roles to play, cultivate and avoid.
  • Team Role Feedback – in-depth textual feedback on an individual’s strongest roles, management and operating styles, and possible weaknesses.
  • Maximizing your Potential – provides more detail on strengths and possible weaknesses and helps the individual establish how best to present the strengths they exhibit.
  • Feedback and Development Suggestions – a great discussion-starter for use with a line manager. Provides insights into preferred ways of working, ideal work environments and latent strengths that others have identified.
  • Observed Team Role Strengths and Weaknesses* – shows Team Role strengths balanced against weaknesses, so the individual can see which of their behaviours are valued by others in the team, and which might be potentially problematic.
  • List of Observer Responses* – a list of words from the Observer Assessment, giving the individual a list of behavioural characteristics they can use to articulate and promote their Team Role strengths.
  • Suggested Work Styles – words and phrases which describe how the individual works best – ideal for deciding how best to deploy an individual within the team, or for individuals trying to find their most effective ways of working.

* Available with Full Individual Report only, after completion of four or more Observer Assessments.